Corporate Event Music - Celebrations for Professionals

When you're seeking corporate event music in New Orleans or anywhere else in the South, JMO is an obviously good choice.

Good business thrives on good relationships.

Good relationships mean treating your clients and guests to the best, whatever the occasion. No one understands this better than Jimmy & Robert. We’ve been helping corporations build meaningful relationships for decades. The music at your corporate event can set the mood, inspire colleagues, create a lively and celebratory atmosphere, or provide a comfortable background where professionals can easily discuss big ideas.

Video of JMO playing James Bond themed corporate event music 

When it’s time for celebration, we can help you shine.

It may be as simple as playing piano in a hospitality suite after your staff has put in long hours on a project. Or it may be having an elegant dinner celebration in a ball room. A corporate anniversary, the close of a successful year, a new product introduction or the festivities of the season are all occasions when your good taste and consideration can be brought to life with a meticulously planned event.

Let JMO take care of the entertainment.

Jimmy & Robert are consummate professionals who see music as a business and make business an art form. JMO's diverse, customized bands (from the party variety cover band, a genuine New Orleans jazz band, or swing dance band) are tailored to the size and needs of your particular event.  We’ll manage the music so you can manage the event. JMO makes it their business to help your business run smoothly. Whether it’s a small corporate gathering or a gala celebration for 1,000, we have the resources and knowledge to make the occasion beautiful, efficient and stress-free.

“It’s been said that every special event is a marketing opportunity. I know that every event is a marketing necessity. At your event, attendees walk away with a message, whether you know it or not: ‘This is a professional organization’ - ‘my company really cares about me’ - ‘this is the type of company we need to partner with.’ We help control the message of your event.” ~Jimmy Maxwell 

JMO has provided music for events in Houston, Mobile, Baton Rouge, Biloxi, the Florida panhandle, and all across New orleans. See our list of previous clients & venues to get an idea of who else has trusted JMO with their corporate event music choice for years.

Customized Corporate Event Music Programs


This is a fully orchestrated James Bond awards program that can be customized for each client. Jimmy Maxwell and Nancy Hays include an Overture, Finale, "Spy" music for award fanfares, female vocal selections including "Goldfinger," "Nobody Does it Better," and "Diamonds are Forever." Many elements can be added to this program including beautiful Bond girls to pass out awards, a James Bond look-a-like or MC, professional dancers, comedy, film clips or other Bond entertainment options. This themed music can turn your corporate event into a really over-the-top affair! Check out the James Bond themed video on our YouTube channel.


When you’re at work, do you sing? Do you dance? In other words, are you happy? Happiness is a state of mind. Research shows that it comes from endorphins in the brain which can be activated via exercise. OK... nothing new thus far. But imagine learning to swing dance to a live dance band to start your day!

This 1 to 1.5 hour program is a great way to start your morning (without the “moaning”). It’s great for team building, ice breakers, or just to renew your corporate spirit! Nancy Hays and the Louis Armstrong Society Jazz Band teach you basic swing steps with dancers on hand to teach you one to one. Many of the elements of this program can be contracted locally. Nancy Hays’ critically acclaimed dance instruction video (with instruction on the Charleston, 6 Count Swing and Lindy Hop) can be used as a promotional item for attendees. This theme can also be used in a business environment where the band is actually part of the overall set and the dancers make appearances between business presentations.

 Show#3: “CORPORATE JAZZ” - Jazz As A Form of Communication: Teaching Your Team To Improvise!

 Is your corporate team “jazzed”? This one hour or half day program (your choice) explains the interaction of a jazz band and how musicians communicate with playfulness, spontaneity, and sheer joy. The program is performed by Jimmy in conjunction with the Louis Armstrong Society Jazz Band

 “It’s wonderful to see a jazz group improvise: when five or six musicians are really tuned into each other, it’s all the same rhythm, and they can’t go wrong, even though they never did it that way before.” ~Joseph Campbell, Mythologist

Whether your goal is staff appreciation, client recognition, public relations, or celebration, JMO is your trusted event partner for all your corporate event music needs.

To book the band, contact us.