Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hear or see JMO? 

Check the video & sound page or YouTube channel to see JMO in action. While it would be nice to see how the band works with a crowd, it is our policy not to invite potential clients to someone else's party (and we won't bring the next potential client to yours). Occasionally JMO plays at public festivals, which will always be listed on our website and Facebook. Also, check out our CD to hear what it's really like At the Mardi Gras!

When do you set up the equipment?

Our technicians arrive approximately two to four hours (depending on difficulty of load-in and other factors) before your guests to set up the P.A. system and equipment.

How do you manage volume levels? 

Volume is crucial at any event and we are very conscious of this. With our state-of-the-art P.A. system, small amplifiers and qualified sound engineers, we keep the volume at a reasonable level, emphasizing quality and clarity. Your guests don't want our music hindering their conversation, especially during dinner. If, during the event, you ever think we are too loud, just let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you. 

Do you play dinner music? 

Yes! We can provide many different combinations, such as a trio or quartet, or the entire band playing standards, love songs, or show tunes. If you want dancing between courses, just let us know. Check out our party variety cover band, New Orleans jazz band, and swing dance band for more details on the variety available for your party. Or, if you're looking for classical music, check out Helen Maxwell, Harpist.

Will you learn a special song? 

Besides our extensive repertoire, we will be happy to perform special requests. Our song list represents a portion of what we can play.

Do you play outside? 

Yes. But we do not play out in the open, in direct sunlight. We require a shaded tent (under a tree won’t do).  We also require a stage or at minimum, a securely floored area. We can not perform on bare ground. Also, the decision on how long to play before inclement weather begins is purely at the discretion of the musicians. If we are not able to perform or should we stop performing once we have started, the full amount remains payable. Please see our technical information page for additional booking details.

What kind of music do you play? 

Guests may range in age from 7 to 80 years old. This being the case, the music should appeal to all ages. JMO can bridge many styles— from Ellington and Gershwin to Motown and Buble. After your guests have marveled at the flowers, checked out decor and enjoyed a wonderful meal, the band will still be playing. The right band will either make or break your party. Check out the song list and videos for a sample of our wide variety!

When should we look for a band? 

Begin once the date is set; the best bands may be booked a year or more in advance. Before finalizing the band, confirm your location. The size and acoustics of your site could influence the group you choose. 

Should we feed the band?

It depends. If the band has had to travel a long way to get to the site of your event, then it is recommended making arrangements for the members of the group. Happy musicians will do a much better job than hungry ones!

Does the band take requests? 

Give the bandleader a list of any special songs you want played. Also specify any songs you don’t want to hear. Let the bandleader incorporate the requests into their sets. Specify if you want the bandleader to act as master of ceremonies. It is best if you discuss the finer details with the leader as close to the date as possible.

What else should we consider?

Your band should be willing to make you happy by being well organized and accommodating. The key to playing a successful event has to do with dynamics. The band should know how to use volume and various types of music to control the crowd. For example the band could start with  standards and swing first and people will begin to dance. Then play classic rock to draw more guests to the dance floor.  Follow that with high energy rock ’n roll and they’ll party all night! Your band should be able to tell when your guests want to dance and when they want a break. This way, the energy level always matches their mood.

Tip: Give the band a schedule of the night’s events. This goes a long way to help produce a smooth, seamless event. Given this information, the band knows what to do and when to do it. 

I love this band! How do I book JMO?

Give us a call and we will create a contract that specifies all pertinent details. We require a 50% deposit with the balance payable prior to the engagement.