Charitable Gala Band - JMO supports your cause

When seeking a gala band to help you raise money, increase awareness, thank patrons, or all of the above...

JMO understands the needs of your event and is dedicated to helping you make it a true success!


Choosing the right gala band can make or break the success of your charitable event. We know that not all galas are equal. Some are meant to make money. Others are meant to raise awareness.  Whatever your reason, and with all of the stress and planning it takes to create the perfect event, you will appreciate having professionals like Jimmy & Robert Maxwell overseeing the music. Partygoers know that the Maxwell name on an invitation guarantees people will be able to talk at their tables and not be overwhelmed by loud music, that more people than ever will dance and that there will be more compliments about the music than ever before. 

“You only get one chance to make a lasting impression. Choose a gala band that has experience with life’s most important events and celebrations!” ~Jimmy Maxwell, bandleader

Benefit chairmen also know that the Maxwell name on the invitation will go a long way toward helping ticket sales. They know that JMO always gives special price considerations to charities, and is as passionate about the right music for your event as you are about your cause. You need a gala band to create excitement, soothe the atmosphere, lead the dance party, and ensure that your patrons are comfortable and enjoying themselves throughout the night. JMO prioritizes the unique atmosphere of each portion of the evening to ensure that the music always matches the mood, that the size and style of the band coalesces with your vision, and that your event is set up for success. 

“Hundreds of non-profit organizations have entrusted JMO as the gala band for their fundraising party. We maintain that trust by helping to produce entertainment that is spectacular yet cost effective." ~Jimmy Maxwell, bandleader

JMO has helped raise millions of dollars for a variety of charities over the past 25 years including medical research, homeless causes, cultural organizations, and political parties (check our list of previous clients & venues). Let JMO's gala band help make your next event a wild success!

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