Debutante Music for New Orleans Ladies

If you are formally presenting young ladies to society, then you are searching for "just the right music" for these young women to make their entrance. This is one of those times in life when the saying "you only get one chance to make a first impression" matters most. 


Video of JMO playing traditional New Orleans debutante music at a Mardi Gras Ball


JMO has provided music for debutante parties and "coming out" events from San Francisco to New York. Their 30 years experience in playing the annual Mardi Gras music and debutante presentations in New Orleans make them experts in the style, tempo, and orchestration of music for these events. Also, check out the At the Mardi Gras Ball CD, now available online.

Whether it's a cotillion, quadrille, presentation or "coming out party," Jimmy & Robert know what music works for the formal presentation and then the proper music for the remainder of the evening.

Check out our extensive song list for an idea of the wide range of music that could be played at your party, ensuring that there are enjoyable tunes for every age group and every generation. JMO's experience, suave style, classic elegance, and contemporary sound ensure that your first impression is one that counts.

In New Orleans, Lafayette, Biloxi, Mobile, Birmingham, and at society parties all over the South, JMO remains the debutante music of choice.

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