Technical Info 

JMO price quotes typically include sound system and all technical needs. If your event already has tech provided from a different source, JMO's preferred set-up is as follows. Please call us if there are any questions!

Sound System

We require a complete sound system capable of giving a balanced, distortion free sound mix to all areas of the performance site (suitable for the size of the room and attendance) at all times during the band’s performance.

The following may vary depending on the particular event, but preferably includes:

  • Eight (8) microphones with stands (for both vocals and horns).
  • House speakers capable of distributing sound throughout the room.
  • One mixing board with operator (operator should be available for sound check as well).
  • Six monitors with separate monitor mixes.
  • One power amplifier.

Stage Size & Lights

Depending on the number of musicians our preferred stage area is:

  • 5-6 musicians 8’ deep X 20’ wide X 8” high
  • 8-10 musicians 12’ deep X 24’ wide X 8” high
  • 10-15 musicians 24’ deep X 32’ wide X 16” high

Please call for larger groups. We can work with less stage space, but would prefer to know in advance how much less.

If NO Stage Lights: TWO separate dedicated 20 Amp circuits, 110 current. Again this does NOT take into account electrical needs for any stage lighting.

If YES to Stage Lights: THREE separate dedicated 20 Amp circuits, 110 current.

Please note: We cannot include stage lighting if working with less than three separate circuits. Banquet Managers: Please check with your AV department or electrical engineer if you have any doubts about where the separate circuits or breaker boxes are located. 


  • One grand or baby grand piano on stage (tuned to A440)
  • One complete 4 or 5 piece set of drums including: toms, snare, kick, cymbals, and all necessary hardware
  • One Bass amp. Preference as follows: 1) WR SM-400 head or GK400 head or GK 400 Watt head with SWR Goliath 4-10 cabinet. 2) GK 400 head with Harlan Cabinet; all peavey set-ups or integrated amp/speaker combos.
  • One Guitar amp (Mesa Boogie or GK) guitar amp, closed back.
  • One Kurzweil Keyboard (or equivalent) with amp, sustain pedal, volume pedal, and keyboard stand.
  • 10 black Manhasset style music stands with lights.
  • 10 armless chairs.

Set-Up Time

 A careful and thorough set-up and sound check generally requires about 2 hours. At least one full hour of unobstructed access to the performance area is an absolute minimum.  Please advise us if there are logistical considerations that will prevent our having full access for set-up (i.e. ceremony in same room, etc.).


Other Notes

Purchaser shall not schedule interviews or other appearances for JMO without specific permission. 

Purchaser shall not broadcast, record, or video tape any portion of JMO's performance or allow any other person to broadcast, record or video tape any portion of the performance without written permission from JMO and the musicians' union.